Monday, November 27, 2006

Leather Embroidery Association Overview

Leather Embroidery Association:

Their designs are ‘typical’ Berber intended to attract tourists; they are colorful and often with square motif and Tiffinaghe or Berber lettering.

And although they are an established Association and have been embroidering for years, they are still working very hard at maintaining sustainablity, reducing their feminized poverty and maintaining their rights.

Although more empowered everyday, they are rural and without mobility due to cultural constraints. They share a building with a sophisticated Argan Oil cooperative - so there is some tourist traffic. Otherwise, they have a lack of market. Most people who come to visit the women's center (nedi) come because of the Cooperatives' high quality Argan oil.

Tafraout and the region is famous for its Argan oil and Berber shoes. Shoe making is normally a male trade, but the girls recently participated in a week long shoe training workshop to not only gain new skills that allow for their independence, but also to diversify their market. Otherwise, as the only embroiders of leather pillows and purses in the region, they are unique and have little competition.

Their products include:

Table runners
Gift bags for Argan

They can fill orders - even internationally.

Association Profile:
10 talented, energetic, flexible, innovative & somewhat literate girls of low education level between 20 and 30 years old.

They embroider to supplement their family’s income. But will quit particating in the Association once they marry.

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rjml said...

Very nice displays! Good product appeal on both leather and argan oil displays.